Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark, Bailey, and I spent a wonderful day at home. I was able to stay home all day from work! Very exciting! We made a quick visit to Aunt Pat's to visit with the cousins. The kids had a blast playing with Bailey.

Bailey continues to throw her tantrums. This pictures is because we came in from outside to eat lunch. She literally throws herself on the floor and screams. Have the "terrible 2s" already started. I am wondering when she is going to give us a break?

And then, Bailey enjoyed trying on my boots. They are as big as she is...:)

Here is a cute video of Bailey using her many words. Hope everyone had a great day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fantasy of Trees

This afternoon we spent several hours at The Fantasy of Trees. Bailey had a great time, well, until she had a complete melt down. Yes, in front of hundreds of people, Bailey threw a fit. She had a rough morning in the sleep department. Anyway, the trees were beautiful, the carousel ride was fun, and the cookies were delicious. What a great cause. I am a little biased...
Bailey really cooperated for this pic!

A Star Wars tree, my nephew Harper would love it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Balloons and 40th Birthdays...

You know, now that I think about it, Bailey is obsessed with a lot of things right now. First, her Mommy, then shoes, and then balloons! We went to Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom's house for dinner tonight to celebrate Amy's 40th birthday. We had an absolutely delicious dinner! Bailey loved playing with the other girls and especially enjoyed the pumpkin pie!

Playing with the balloons! She just screams and laughs...
Bailey and I. We all wore black to "celebrate" Amy being over the hill.
So stylish in her leopard pants...

Look at this cake. German chocolate. Aunt Pat is such a great cook!!!

Like mother, like daughter!

Bailey is obsessed with shoes these days! MW gave me the most fabulous house shoes and Bailey always wears them around. So, Mamaw got Bailey a pair of her very own! Thanks Brenda! Here is a pic of our feet this morning!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun with Family...

One of the best things about Mark and my schedules is the flexibility. Mark had to go to Kingsport last week for work, so Bailey and I tagged along and visited Grams, Emily, Harper, and Townes. Bailey got to spend some wonderful time with my grandparents, "Great Grams", "Great Daddy", and Jack. We had a great time. Then, Mark and I came home to go to a wedding and Bailey went to Mark's parents, Mamaw and Papaws house. She was definitely the entertainment and received 100% attention. She was very happy to see us on Sunday! Thanks mom, Brenda, and Kenneth for helping us out. Mark and I enjoyed an extremely fun night away!

Bailey looking cute in her polka dots!
Bailey and Jack! It was about bedtime...

Jack has this singing fish that Bailey and Harper had a blast playing with.

Bailey and "Great Grams".

Me attempting to feed 2 pigs at the same time. A hard task I must add.

Fun in the tub. Bailey doesn't really like bubbles in the tub...:(
Cute little Townes, not so little anymore.

Bailey giving Townes a kiss. So cute!!!

Jumping on the couch in the new play room at Grams'.

The cousins! Man is Christmas going to be fun this year!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 sweet potatoes...

Okay so I gave birth to an eating machine! My little petite 16month old ate 2 entire sweet potatoes for dinner. Along with some green beans, strawberries, and roll. She wasn't too impressed with the steak. But where would she find room for that? She is doing so well feeding herself with a fork. As long as I put the food on it, she does great. So nice and much less messy!

Relaxing weekend at home...

We have had a boring relaxing weekend at home. It was really nice not to have plans! We actually got to go to church and Bailey cooperated and did great in the nursery! I just love her outfit! One of my many cute consignment finds...

One of Bailey's newest things is to push her car instead of riding in it! I think she would do it for hours...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last warm day...

I have a feeling that today was the last warm day to play outside. But man was it beautiful! Bailey continues to love the swing set and made it up the "rock wall" all by herself! Her new thing is to slide down the slide on her stomach, she loves it...